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How Oh My Lunch helps O9 Solutions improve company culture.

Our client O9 Solutions is a high energy, fast growing startup offering a best in class Integrated Business Planning tool.

Nikki Maeve van Reems
October 27, 2020

O9 was looking for a solution to a) give back to the team and b) re-establish a bit of company culture in times where most of their staff works from home. In the following they share how we helped achieve this.

‘’We have a tight team, we play football and paddle together and our Friday afternoons are filled with joy and laughter’’.

o9 Solutions wanted to thank the employees for their commitment and hard work in a way that would be interesting for everyone and that could bring the whole team together. ‘’We have a lot of employees that work from home, but wanted to schedule a moment every week where everybody is together and that would improve our bond. We realised a weekly friday lunch would be the perfect solution for us and started looking for a supplier’’. We didn’t want to fill in an excel list every week and have a lot of manual labour or order pizza every week because that gets boring after a few weeks. We were looking for a digital solution, as you should expect in 2020 and found Oh My Lunch.

What does your staff think of Oh My Lunch?

They think it’s great that everybody has a choice and that personal preferences or dietary wishes are being honoured. And the team really likes the variety, every week we have a totally different option to choose from Israeli to Indonesian and poke bowl. They love it, especially the Israeli pita’s!

About O9 Solutions

O9 Solutions, ‘’The digital brain of your company’’. Max, Director Global Business Development helps big companies such as Nike, Walmart and Starbucks to realise digital transformation in their supply chain with a state of the art software platform.

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